ICAT Approved E Rickshaw

    कमाई ज़्यादा खर्चा ऑटो से कम
    बैटरी वाला ई-रिक्शा
    सरकार द्वारा मान्यता प्राप्त ई रिक्शा

    E-Rath DLX

    न थकान न डीजल न CNG का खर्चा
    बैटरी वाला ई-रिक्शा
    सरकार द्वारा मान्यता प्राप्त ई रिक्शा

    India's Leading E Rickshaw Manufacturer ( Welkin Healthcare Private Limited )

    Welkin Healthcare Private Limited was founded in 2014 with a group of Engineers & MBA’s. Which are backed by experienced technicians and production team. We at Welkin Group aim at providing E Rickshaw & other Electric Vehicles along with spare parts under the name of E Rath Vehicles to our esteemed customers, which may lead to an economical transportation system and an Eco-Green World. With the company’s prolonged effort and trust in innovation and new researches, the organization was established in Himachal Pradesh. We have built our reputation in the market as one of the leading manufacturers of battery operated tricycles, popularly termed as “E-Rickshaw”. The Company’s manufacturing unit is equipped with the latest machines, modern equipments, and testing facilities confirming to international standards. Our E Rickshaws are processed by a team of professionally trained and qualified group of workers. We at E Rath Vehicles constantly heads towards improved quality, product life and new innovations by its Rigorous R&D department.

    Our Goal:- All the activities of the company are directed towards the benefit of society and healthy environment for the betterment of human life. We operate our business in a manner that is environmentally sustainable, demonstrate environmental stewardship and provides our customers with environmentally beneficial range of Electric Vehicles. To be successful, unique, progressive and world class company that lives up to our mission statement, we must minimize our impact on global resources and consistently ‘Walk Softly on the land’. E Rath Vehicles is committed to engage into environmentally responsible practices and contribute to the sustainability and health of the communities where we operate.

    E Rickshaw in india
    E Rickshaw in india
    E Rickshaw in india
    E Rickshaw in india

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    E-Rath Aero

    E-Rath DLX

    Innovative E-Rickshaw Designs

    We are offering one of the best Electric Rickshaws Models, which are designed to offer maximum benefits and value to end user. Our Battery Rickshaws are equipped with industry best features to offer you long and comfortable rides which give you unmatchable experience.

    E Rickshaw in india
    Cost Efficient

    E Rickshaws are one of the most innovative mode of local transport which saves a lot of conventional fuel and also save money. These Battery Operated E Rickshaws comes with low running cost & maintenance.

    E Rickshaw in india
    Environment Friendly

    Our Electric Rickshaws are not only Economical but they are also the need of current scenario because of their non polluting nature. They run on batteries which uses Electric Energy and & Contributing to Green Environment.

    E Rickshaw in india

    We bring innovative design and engineering along with high quality raw materials to ensure top level quality in our E Rickshaw models, which delivers higher mileage and performance as compare
    to others.

    E rickshaw Manufacturer in Gorakhpur
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    Get exciting dealer margins backed by marketing support and years of manufacturing expertise along with great after sales service.

    Why E-Rath E-rickshaw Only!

    E Rath is one the premium E Rickshaw model manufactured in India. E Rath Vehicles is stepping into electric rickshaw industry with a wide range of products and idea to promote cleaner and greener India.

    E Rickshaw in india
    Powerful Motor

    High Power Motor For Better

    E Rickshaw in india
    Heavy Controller

    Higlhy Durable Controllers to complement motor performance.

    E Rickshaw in india
    Easy to Customize

    We can customize battery rickshaws as per your specific need.

    E Rickshaw in india
    Heavy Shockers

    Top Quality Shockers are used to give you smoother rides.

    E Rickshaw in india
    Hi- Tech Elegant Meter

    Stylish, Trendy & Hitech Speedometers to complement e rickshaw looks.

    E Rickshaw in india
    Strong Diffrential

    Sturdy, Durable and Smooth Diffrentials which gives better performance.

    E Rickshaw in india

    Clients Testimonials

    E-rickshaw Products Range

    E Rath Vehicles Offering the wide and qualitative range of E Rickshaws. We are committed to offering the new range of electric vehicles in near future with help of our dedicated team. We are engaged in manufacturing, importing, trading, supplying of electric vehicles and spare parts. we are always focused to achieve the satisfaction of our end consumer which tends to keep our dealer and distributors generate more business mutually..

    E-Rath Passenger E Rickshaw

    E Rath is continuously engaged in offering, its customer beneficial electric vehicles like our Passenger E Rickshaw (E Rath). Our Battery Rickshaw delivers high performance due to its strong & durable body which is further complimented by highly powerful motor. It comes with top quality shockers for smoother rides along with rear bumper, strong foot & handbrakes which increases the safety value. These Passenger E Rickshaws are an alternative to traditional hand pull (manually pulled) rickshaws that bring fatigue to the operator. Our Electric Rickshaw comes with an easy on-off button with elegant speedometer, revolving handles on the roof which gives support to passengers. Our Rickshaw comprises BIS approved tyres & rims. It also comprises specially designed cushioned seats which offer extra comfort to the passenger. Our Passenger E Rickshaw also comes with front glass frame which is an optional feature.

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    Passenger E Rickshaw

    E-Rath Cargo E Rickshaw

    E Rath becomes one of the most popular names in the E Rickshaw Industry in a very short span. We are offering one of the best cargo rickshaws, which offer you maximum space and mobility as compared to others. These Cargo E Rickshaws comes with higher performance and very minimal maintenance cost. E Rath Cargo Rickshaw offers the best mileage which makes us best in the industry. Its huge range of exclusive features helps E Rath to deliver comfortable & highly flexible drive on these tough Indian roads. Our Cargo Battery Rickshaw is manufactured by our highly experienced professionals using the high-end technology. The provided E rickshaw is much-admired by our valuable clients for its long functional life and low maintenance features.

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    Benefits of E-Rath Battery Rickshaw

    Healthy Transportation

    Vibrations in rickshaws are one of the major concerns, which may lead to adverse effect on passenger's health. To minimize that impact we introduce vibration dampers which control the vibrations and coupled with strong shockers.

    Social Responsibility

    Eco-friendly Vehicles becomes the demand of current world. These Battery Operated Rickshaws plays a crucial role in Go Green Concepts as they produce very little noise and are non polluting in nature.


    Electric Rickshaws becomes the new source of income for millions of people in India. These vehicles are becoming the backbone of the public transport system in India.


    Battery Rickshaws emerge as one of the most economical modes of public transport for vehicle owners as well as passengers. These vehicles operate on the normal household battery which is rechargeable.


    As these vehicles operate on rechargeable battery, so there is no need for conventional fuel like petrol, diesel etc. Which minimize its operation cost and maintenance.


    Electric Vehicles biggest advantages is their non-polluting nature and they produce very little noise during rides. This gives a comfortable ride to the passengers.